The Christian Education Ministry Presents

“10:20” The Mayberry Series

June 1         “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs”

Opie brings a little stray dog into the courthouse and wants to adopt him. What happens next prompts us to explore “doing the right thing.” Can we give generously, make the right decisions and serve others, trusting in good results? Join us at 10:20, bring a bag or can of dog/cat food to church, for our local shelter, as we learn to serve others.

 June 8     “Meet the Darlings”

 A family of mountain musicians comes to Mayberry to meet a young person returning home from the service. They cause a few problems in town. No lying and cheating allowed? What rules did the Darlings break? Join us at 10:20. Have a cup of coffee and/or some popcorn as we explore their time in Mayberry.

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