Christian Education Ministry 

“A Work of Joy”

Members of the Ministry of Christian Education  will be teaching the Kid’s Church during the service. Parents deservedly desire to be in the worship service, and not have to leave in order to teach, or do all the preparing during the week. They look forward to the teaching, playing and creative part of Kids' Church with the children.

The youth are encouraged to be part of the whole church service until around 10:15 AM, after the pastor presents the children’s moment at the chancel. The children then leave to go to our Kids' Church areas: Beinema Hall, the classrooms downstairs, or outside . We’ll meet up with the parents after the service in Fellowship Hall.

 We believe it’s very important for children to be involved in the worship life of the corporate body. They need to see adults taking the time and effort to love God in community, and be encouraged to join in, to be a part of the whole. Children and youth add a lively, fresh dimension to the experience of worship that cannot be left out. Their energetic, contagious joy is a much needed part of the body of Christ!